Luxury packaging

Packaging is a powerful tool for luxury brands to identify and express the emotional value of their brand and products. For a high-end product, luxury must be communicated to the consumer in both a visual and tactile way.

KMD Company works with a number of premium brands to help them create outstanding packaging that represents the exclusivity of their products through innovative design, materials and special finishes. We understand that brand owners operate in a highly competitive consumer market and we continually innovate to help them deliver product enhancement and differentiation.

We serve the following markets:

  • Beauty
  • Luxury food and drink
  • Retail
  • Home accessories
  • Fashion accessories

Our process starts with understanding the customer’s brief, needs of the product, functionality of the pack and needs or requirements of the market. We work with variety of materials and offer a comprehensive range of in-house special print finishes and applications to deliver luxury effects and increased consumer perception.

What we offer:

  • Constructional design and full prototype services
  • Litho print, mounting, die-cutting, finishing and gluing (both hand and machine)
  • Special print finishes- soft touch, gloss, satin and matt emulsion, UV varnishing, block foil, embossing, de-bossing, pearlescent emulsion
  • Assembly and hand packing/fulfilment, including application of ribbons, bows and magnets
  • Dedicated vehicles delivery across the UK

KMD Company specialises in manufacturing luxury packaging made of paperboard.

In 2018, KMD were shortlisted in the category ‘Luxury Packaging Printer of the Year’ with the PrintWeek Awards, the greatest and most sought-after awards in the print industry.

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